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Sina Taherkhani, a multi-disciplinary artist and Creative Director at the Mill New York, has a rich background in animation, design, filmmaking, and photography. With over 15 years of experience, he has collaborated with clients from independent record labels to multinational agencies and worked on artistic commissions and global brand launches.

Throughout his career, Sina has honed his skills in various creative environments, developing ideas from concept to completion within collaborative teams. His portfolio features collaborations with notable agencies and includes standout projects for Apple and Samsung.

Sina's extensive knowledge of diverse mediums allows him to approach ideation, concept development, and production with curiosity and adaptability. His work showcases his detail-oriented approach, emphasizing composition and unique visual concepts that convey purpose and emotion.

Continually seeking artistic growth, Sina embraces the intricacies of multiple visual disciplines in his creative journey. Infusing each project with enthusiasm and passion for the artistic process, Sina fosters a collaborative environment that fuels innovation and ingenuity.